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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Wednesday, November 05, 2008




And the torch Is passed...


In case people out there don't understand why those of us with "environmental tendencies" are finding Obama's victory so uplifting, here's an editorial from the NY Times the day before the election that addresses the damage the Bush/Cheney administration has done to environmental politics/policies in the last eight years... And, alas, there's now much to be undone as well as that which needs to be done...


The suborning of science by those yayhoos is an insult to the intelligence of thinking people everywhere...

Salt Lake City
Get ready to be taxed to death!
And yet another article from the NY Times detailing the desecration... This one's personal, since it's in my own backyard. One of the biggest outrages is in Nine Mile Canyon, southeast of here. It's a fragile high desert environment with canyon walls dotted with ancient Indian relics and petroglyphs that are unlikely to survive the dust and pounding they will be forced to endure if the "drill, drill, drill" crowd has their way...


Salt Lake City
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