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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


-- And On It Goes --


Sightings claims for Ivory-bills continually trickle in. I get a few directly via email each year, and Cornell or official agencies likewise get reports that are never shared on the internet. However, naturally, it is only those claims that do show up on the Web that create any buzz for discussion, the latest one being from a Louisiana hunter (as linked to in prior post comments, or now appearing on IBWO Researchers Forum as "34striker" or Mike Pratt). Too early to tell if his report will lead any further than dozens of other reports, but the one element that does intrigue me is that it emanates from the Three River WMA of Louisiana. The Three River and adjacent Red River WMAs constitute around 70,000 acres of habitat that I've long thought had interesting, but overlooked, IBWO potential. Moreover, though I don't recall any credible IBWO reports coming from there in the last 60 years, it is situated in-between other areas of La. and Mississippi that have produced reports. These WMAs are fairly well-trafficked by hunters and recreationalists, though am not certain how well the interior reaches of them are ever covered by birders.
...Won't be too long now before the leaves are off the trees and organized winter searches are fully underway.

"... just no telling what else it may rekindle in terms of wackadoodles running loose in the swamps or at their Photoshop software!"

since the reward is partly based on leading a scientist to the ibwo, that should take care of the digital doctoring...
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