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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Friday, November 21, 2008


-- Mike Collins Paper --


The perseverent Mike Collins, back in Virginia after another brief trip to the Pearl (La.), reports (11/20 entry on his website) that his paper on the flight mechanics of the Ivory-bill, as it relates to his videos from the Pearl, has been accepted for publication by PLoS (the Public Library of Science), the leading peer-reviewed open-access publisher --- no word on how soon.

I realize public-access publishing has its pluses and minuses, proponents and critics, and don't wish to debate that here. On the positive side this permits Mike's analytical work to reach a wider audience more quickly than would be the case with traditional publication. I wouldn't expect largely entrenched views on the subject matter to change much at this point, but congratulations to Mike on his persistence and steadfastness getting recognized.

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