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Saturday, October 20, 2012


-- FWIW --


David Luneau notes (Oct. 18) receipt of a recent sighting he seems to feel of some interest. No details provided as yet, however; not even as to general location:



Tuesday, October 09, 2012


-- "Potential Source of Confusion" --


I'll pass along this note from a reader expressing "a potential source of confusion" that searchers ought be alerted to… the Black-bellied Whistling Duck.

This species is expanding it's territory further into Southeastern states, and the e-mailer notes that in the case of a brief glance from behind, the bird would flash black-and-white wings, have duck-like flight, be the right size, found in a swamp, and possibly taking off from a tree; moreover a typical field guide range map wouldn't necessarily lead one to consider this species.
The writer sends along the below photo (of a BBWD) to give some sense of what a sudden escape flight might appear like:

...For obvious reasons, 'fleeting glances' of birds flying away are not likely at this point, to get much serious consideration as Ivory-bills from the birding community; and better, longer looks are likely to rule out BBWD and other waterfowl... but good to keep all possibilities in mind.

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