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Friday, October 05, 2007


-- What's In a Name --


One of the side-delights of reading about Ivory-bill claims and searches is the geographic names that are associated with some of the locales involved, and otherwise not necessarily well-known --- names that almost musically roll off the tongue.
So, without further adieu, here is my own list of FAVORITE Top 10 place names associated at times with Ivory-billed Woodpecker speculations:

10. Okefenokee (GA.)
9. Bayou de View (AR.)
8. Chickasaw (TN.)
7. Fakahatchee (FL.)
6. Atchafalaya (LA.)
5. Apalachicola (FL.)
4. Coosawhatchee (SC.)
3. Yazoo (MS.)
2. Buttahatchie (AL.)
1. Pascagoula (MS.)

....may one or more of these become household names in birding circles in the next year :-)

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