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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


-- Update From Dr. Hill --


Auburn's Dr. Hill has a new post here mentioning that the summary report on their findings to date is being completed, and going on to briefly discuss/clarify the somewhat controversial 1966 Ivory-bill sighting by Sanders and Brown in the Florida panhandle. Suspect the Auburn report will be out well before the Cornell summary of their 2006-7 search season.

With tight funds and so many other areas in need of more systematized searching, ground efforts at both Big Woods and Choctawhatchee will likely be scaled back and streamlined (but still important) this coming winter in favor of more serious study of some of those other locales that were of interest long before anyone had ever heard of 'Big Woods' or the 'Choc.' [addendum: this was my own side-comment, not part of the Hill update.]


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