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Sunday, November 02, 2008


-- Jobs, Anyone --


As several of you know, tangential to the Ivory-bill search over the last several years has been research on the behavior/habits of Pileated Woodpeckers in IBWO-like habitat. Brandon Noel, one of the principals in that work in Arkansas has just posted a notice on the Arkansas listserv for 5 technician positions to be filled for their ongoing research this coming winter season. I've copied verbatim below for anyone who might be interested and able (...NOT for the weekend city-park birder):

*Title:* Pileated Woodpecker Research Technician
*Agency:* Arkansas State University, Dept. of Biological Sciences
*Location:* Cache River and White River NWR, eastern Arkansas

*Job Description:* *Five* technicians will be needed to work on the third
year of a Ph.D. project conducting home range movements, foraging ecology
and nesting ecology of Pileated Woodpeckers in eastern Arkansas, with
reference to the conservation of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.
Responsibilities include assistance with capture, attachment of
radio-transmitters, tracking, nest searching and monitoring, arthropod
sampling, habitat measurements, and deployment of high resolution video
cameras at nest cavities in the Cache River and the White River National
Wildlife Refuges. Field work will require long work hours in adverse
conditions (wading through/canoeing through swampland, hot/humid weather,
biting insects). *Three* technicians will work in the Cache River NWR
(low-elevation bottomland hardwood forest) and *three* will work in the
White River NWR (high-elevation bottomland hardwood forest). Individuals
will work alone and in groups of two. *Two* "senior" technicians will
expected to begin around 1 February and continue through June (5
months). These technicians will work between both study sites with the Ph.D. student until
1 April, when other technicians will arrive. The other three technicians
will be expected to begin around 1 April and continue through June
(3 months). Depending on conditions (e.g., flooding conditions, # nests
located), technicians will be in teams of *3* between the study sites more
or less permanently at one of the two sites.

*Qualifications:* Experience in wildlife biology or closely related field.
Preference will be give to individuals with a completed undergraduate degree
and field experience. Ability to collect and process field data accurately
with strong attention to detail. Working independently and well with
others while maintaining a positive attitude in a remote setting is a must.
Enthusiastic, well-organized, and in good physical condition. Experience
with nest searching, radio-telemetry, GPS and compass navigation, and some
experience handling wildlife or birds (PIWOs will be feisty). This habitat
is unpredictable to work in (e.g., flooding in 2007 exceeded 30 feet in some
areas); therefore, a willingness to work through tough field conditions
should be expected. Use of a personal vehicle will be necessary at times,
but technicians will be reimbursed for mileage.

sorry, this all got cut off the original posting:

To Apply - submit a cover letter, CV or resume and at least 3 references to
Brandon L. Noel (see below for contact information).

*Salary:* $1,200-1,400/month depending on qualifications. Housing will be

*Last Date to Apply:* 15 January 2008, however applications will be
considered as they are received.

*Contact:* * Brandon L. Noel*
Email: BrandonL.Noel AT smail.astate.edu

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