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Sunday, November 23, 2008


-- Even the House Sparrow Declining --


Not directly related to the Ivory-bill story, but under the general heading of bird decline, even the 'lowly' House Sparrow is now affected. Recent severe decline in the species observed in the United Kingdom is given a possible explanation in this article pointing to insect decline in the UK as the culprit. (Of course, decline in food, consequent to decline in habitat, is a common explanation for IBWO decline as well.) The news of bird decline across the world over the last couple decades is truly staggering, and while it might be slowed slightly through human actions, is likely (I hate to say it) irreversible long-term.

A UK reader sends along an article possibly linking the decline in insects to "light pollution":


Obviously, this has ramifications for the US as well, where light pollution is likely even greater than the UK.
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