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Saturday, November 08, 2008


-- No Telling Where This Might Lead --


This news piece reports that an anonymous donor has now offered $50,000 (nope, 'twasn't cyberthrush ;-) for photographic proof of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, hoping to "rekindle" interest in the Ivory-bill search effort (I'll assume for now, unless I hear otherwise, that it applies to the species being documented anywhere and not just in Arkansas?). This is a considerable increase over the $10,000 reward previously posted by agencies for such evidence. No doubt $50,000 will rekindle further interest... just no telling what else it may rekindle in terms of wackadoodles running loose in the swamps or at their Photoshop software!

I've had a reported sighting at: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=4768508401943722966&postID=3141229409917484861&page=1
Thanks for passing it along (the url got cut off; here's a shortened version to take you there):


Of course the likelihood that with such limited experience Mike was able to accurately ID a female IBWO in flight is very slim, but if his account is detailed enough he should pass it along to Cornell's report site here:

As a sidenote, during my one brief visit to LA. after the Kulivan sighting I was personally more impressed with both the Three Rivers area and the Bogue Chitto area than the actual Pearl River region, so I certainly take any claims from that area with at least some seriousness.
Just to clarify, the Bogue Chitto NWR is part of the Pearl River basin but further up-river to the north of the Pearl River WMA. Ivorybills have been reported from both areas. Good habitat in the Pearl River basin extends above the Bogue Chitto, and there have been reports from up there as well.
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