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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


-- Will There Be A Rainsong Swansong --


One suspects that Daniel Rainsong may be changing his name yet one more time when this whole episode is over (and without any $10,000 check to cover all his expenses)...
THANK YOU to all who have sent along pieces of information to me about various phases of the case. You never know when some one tidbit will be new to me or a crucial straw in tumbling this quivering house of cards (more like a house of phlegm!). I still don't know why authorities haven't made some official closing statement on the matter unless they are truly seeking to gather enough hard evidence for formal prosecution, rather than let the lad go free with a simple public flogging as so often happens. Or possibly they are trying to determine if this is a one-man show, or if others (J. Hepperle?, R. Goldstein?) are to some degree complicit, rather than mere dupes in the process? (BTW, CheyAnna Donaldson, mentioned in the initial press release, is an innocent bystander in these shenanigans).
Don't know if the photos will ever see the light of day either, which is unfortunate, since some craftsman, whittler, or store salesperson just might recognize his own handiwork or sales goods on display in them pics. I think it more likely that Joe H.'s weblinks to this story will magically disappear at some point, than that the photos will appear.
What a sordid shame it will be if 10 years from now the greatest legacy or memory in a lot of minds from the entire 5+ year search for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker is this foolhardy tale... told by a Mr. Rainsong, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

[Having said all this, it may be worth noting that there is always the remote possibility that Ivory-bills actually exist in the Sabine River Basin, just someone would need to find and photograph them.]
You mean the entire conspiracy might've been a one-man-band all along? Hot dang, I did think that might be the case, and I liked the odds you were offering...

Sorry, I gotta make crass jokes at times like this; CT knows what my day job is and how it can create anger management issues. Any and all feelings of being ripped off are absolutely legit, because that's probably what happened.

Seriously, the reason for my suspicion was knowing many narcissists usually work alone (there can only be one god in their universe; they're it, and we other mortals are just objects for them to manipulate on their chessboards). Relationships with those sorts are always ephemeral at best, and they simply pull up stakes and move their gig to another town in search of other victims. The stage and the costumes will vary, but the theme will be the same . . .

And they often operate not by exploiting the worst in us, but rather the best . . .
Even if those in charge of the reward determine that the photos are clearly bogus and Rainsong is a nothing but a con man, I really can't see that they would pursue any legal action against him. What would be gained? It would consume a lot of time, resources, and mental effort that would be better used elsewhere. It would also create a horrible precedent that could make others who might have legitimate info hesitant to come forward with a claim.

Given how carefully the photos are being shielded from the public eye by their advocates, it seems extremely unlikely that there is much to them.
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