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Friday, February 05, 2010


-- Upcoming... and SNL? +addendum --


If you happen to be in Minnesota or Tennessee, a couple of upcoming events of potential interest:
1) Eastman Nature Center holding an open house at 1:00pm Saturday, February 13, to introduce the public to the Whitney H. Eastman Archives. Whitney Eastman (1888-1979) was well-known for his Ivory-bill searches/claims in Florida in the 1950's.
The Archives are catalogued into a searchable computer database and will be available for public access and study at the Eastman Nature Center by appointment. If this interests you plan to attend this free introductory session.
Eastman Nature Center is located in the northwest suburbs on the west side of 5,000-acre Elm Creek Park Reserve, at 13351 Elm Creek Road, Dayton, MN 55369. To reserve a seat on Feb. 13, please call the nature center at 763-694-7700.
2) Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, is hosting Stephen Lyn Bales at 5:30pm on Feb. 11, at its "Science Cafe," talking on "Ghost Birds: Jim Tanner and the Ivory-bill." Bales discusses his upcoming book "Ghost Birds" about Dr. James T. Tanner's 1935-41 study of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. This is of course the same book I mentioned a brief while back, as tentatively titled "James Tanner and the Ivory-bill" (a title I actually prefer, but then I'm not the mass public!)
Register for the event by calling 865-577-4717, Ext. 10.
(If any readers attend either event and care to send in a report feel free.)

==> And in other news (...and I use that term loosely), Joe Hepperle has a somewhat silly Feb 4 update at his site reporting that a planned expedition to the the Sabine River basin by authorities and Rainsong had to be "scrubbed," and then closing by saying, "The season (and Dan's available time) for mounting a confirmation expedition yet this year are rapidly coming to an end." (Oh my WHAT a surprise!) Apparently no $50,000 reward for the Iowa boys, this year. [Joe has now altered the wording of the Feb 4 update as I figured he might, so below is a copy of the original wording; and I also have a copy of the original press release, since that too may disappear from the internet at some point.]
Man, if only there was a "Saturday Night Live" program just for birders!...

Addendum: The original verbatim Feb 4 entry from JH prior to alteration:

"A new expedition (with personnel from several independent Organizations) that was in the advanced planning stages had to be scrubbed because the other participants refused to wear the appropriate camouflage covering, and they insisted on using a motor-boat to get in and out of the area. The season (and Dan's available time) for mounting a confirmation expedition yet this year are rapidly coming to an end. Stay tuned..."
Question for this board. If someone in Florida, La, Mississippi or Georgia gets good photo of IB and takes people to site and confirmation does this person claim so call reward or can this other person who has canceled expedition still have claim ?
If I understand your question correctly, it will certainly be the person who actually leads authorities to a confirmed living IBWO (or whose evidence leads them there), who is eligible for the reward. There can be 100 claims prior to that or 100 canceled expeditions, and if they don't directly lead to a living IBWO, they wouldn't be eligible for the reward.
BTW, I assume the reward is still currently operative, but since the "official" IBWO search is now over, might be worth asking if there's some sort of expiration in play for that reward.
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