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-- Hamlet

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday, February 28, 2010


-- Ivorybill Stalking --


Intro/Chapter 1 of Michael K. Steinberg's 2008 volume, "Stalking the Ghost Bird" available for free viewing on Google books here:


Meanwhile, John Trapp, at his blog, has previously noted a link to all the Ivory-bill-related blogposts of Ohioan artist/birder John Agnew who was active with the Choctawhatchee group, as well as claiming a sighting himself in 2008 (which he depicted in a painting). His latest IBWO post (a week ago) touches upon "paranoid thoughts on Ivory-bill conservation":


Mike Collins, continues his La. quest, reporting he'll return to the Pearl area "permanently later in the spring," following a trip back to Wash. DC.

Lastly, on a side-note, another fine live nestcam here (Barn Owl with 6 eggs, in Calif.):

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