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Thursday, February 18, 2010


-- Iowa News --


Several folks have emailed me the brief notice from yesterday's Iowa police blotter listing Daniel Rainsong's recent arrest:

"Daniel Rainsong, 53, 1916 Ferndale Ave., was arrested and charged with theft in the first degree. (reported at 7:30 p.m.)."

While this could relate to his IBWO saga, it could easily relate to several other things as well. For those who haven't already explored the credibility, background, character, of Mr. Rainsong they may want to look up information under the names "Daniel Rainsong" and "Daniel Dean Hepperle" that is available on a variety of internet search and people sites.

While I'm still waiting for Cornell or someone official to make an announcement about the purported photos in question, if they have said nothing by next week I may go ahead and disclose certain details/understandings I have, as this matter is dragging on way beyond any sense. They need to put this matter behind them so they can concentrate on getting summary or 'recovery' reports out that might actually aid field searchers in the current ongoing season. Time's a'wastin'.

=> ADDENDUM: a commenter below sends a link to much more info on the Rainsong arrest here:


NOT Ivorybill-related, but not a pretty picture either.
Much more info here:
Haha so are some of your readers actually regular readers of the Iowa police reports? Just kidding. I assume this is just the result of some sort of web tool that alerts you every time a news story with "Daniel Rainsong" is published. The wonders of the Internet!

But in all seriousness, what this story seems to suggest is that Daniel Rainsong AKA Daniel Hepperle is hard up for cash, and the pieces are starting to fall into place.

I'm finally ready to say it... shame on you Daniel Rainsong (and Joe Hepperle, who still has never had the decency to even mention that he's related to Rainsong, presumably his brother). Maybe the ornithologists are right to not give any credence to a con artist and haven't responded for that reason, but this story has captivated us for way too long and I wish they'd finally say something.

I still don't get though how he ever thought he could so easily con his way to a $10k (or $50k) reward.

As far as Joe H. goes, it could well be that he is simply an obtuse, ridiculously-loyal, turn-a-blind-eye, believe-anything sibling who wants to support whatever his bro says, and is just another complete (foolish) dupe in this escapade. Time may tell...
(and none of the recent IBWO hoaxers have ever appreciated how difficult it would be to pull such a masquerade off.)
Hi cyberthrush. I'm a science writer at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Thanks for covering this unusual story so carefully.

I'd just like to let you know that an official report is indeed still being prepared. Obviously this isn't something anybody should rush through, and that's why it seems to be taking a long time. This is particularly true since the expert review involves staff at other institutions who all need time to make their own analyses and then agree on the conclusions. We're not sure where Nature's assertion that the report would be released this week came from. Instead of "dragging on" I'd describe the process as happening about as fast as possible.

(In case you're wondering, I haven't seen the photos myself.)

Best wishes - Hugh Powell
it could be that all of you doubters are wrong as well. will you print retractions of your statements if the photos are authenticated as quickly as you were to ridicule them? i doubt it! you have all jumped to conclusions concerning his background and his assistant on the trip me made to the sabine river. i wonder if you will have the hubris to publish your apologies
I wanted to follow up about the previous postings, as I have seen a new posting for Photographer's Travel Assistant for Texas and Tahiti which reads suspiciously similar, for a 2 month trip, again on Craigslist. Any one know what happened on the last trip?
Craigslist - Photographer’s Travel Assistant Needed - Two Month Wildlife Research Expedition - Southern USA and the French Polynesia Islands (Tahiti / Rapa Iti)

December 18, 2010 to February 18, 2011

Anyone seen this? sounds suspiciously familar !!!
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