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Saturday, February 20, 2010


-- Hindsight --


I originally presumed the Sabine River storyline would last 7-10 days. Hindsight is always lucid... If I'd realized 31 days ago how long authorities would take on this matter I'd have said more way back then --- I suspect there may be 15-year-olds in my neighborhood who could've thoroughly analyzed Rainsong's photos in 48 hours (but Cornell seems bent on a quest for 100% consensus, lest, heaven-forbid, they have to modify any preliminary findings that could've already been announced by now, or take any flak as they did following their Luneau video analysis).

It's been awkward to have formulated a clear opinion on this story early on, but been uncomfortable divulging the basis for that opinion --- in the future, in a similar situation, I'll try to say more earlier. With that said, next week I'll indicate at least a few of the key elements to this story (as I perceive it).

Meanwhile, Cornell says their technical summary volume reviewing the entire IBWO search will be out in 2011. Either the bird will be found by then, in which case the tome will no doubt be put off further, or it won't be found by then, in which case the volume will be perceived in many circles as a face-saving joke.
(We're living in the digital 21st century, but some scientists seem stuck in the ways of the 1970's --- am I peeved... yeah, a tad.)

Lastly, on a complete sidebar (and speaking of the digital age), worth noting that The Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America is now available as an app for the iPhone or iPod:


(stay tuned: tomorrow an "overview" and Monday a few more details on photos...)
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