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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


-- In the Meantime... --


Not expecting much in the way of IBWO news prior to release of any preliminary summaries from this year's searches. Several search groups probably won't have public releases (only reporting their results directly to the IBWO Working Group), and the timetable could be slow for the few that do. In the meantime, this blog may simply revert to being 'just another bird blog' reporting on other avian matters if IBWO news is lacking.

For starters, here are a few more nestcam sites to hold your interest during this lull (the California Great Horned Owls have now fledged and left from camera-view; it was fun watching them grow into juvenile delinquency prior to departure, but here are some others) :

Barn Owls here.
Bald Eagles here.
Storks in Germany here.

Some books of possible interest:

"The Wisdom of Birds" by Tim Birkhead; a British-based volume and another historical look at ornithology that looks intriguing, to be published later this year.

And a non-avian book recently recommended by Julie Zickefoose (that's good enough for me) :
"Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants" by Katy Payne

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