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Sunday, May 04, 2008


-- Ark. Followup --


A poster over at IBWO Researchers Forum notes an Arkansas Democrat Gazette article (requires subscription) which cites an Ivory-billed sighting by David Carruth of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation from about a month ago (if I understand the timing correctly), as well as 23 "encounters" from Oct. 2007 to Feb. 2008 in the Big Woods search area.
This was all part of the evidence presented in the case against the previously-referred-to irrigation project proposal. Until Cornell fleshes it out with more details, difficult to tell if this is simply information as part of a complete legal brief, or substantive claims that will be given significant weight in their final summary report. Apparently, no pics accompanying that legal brief :-(

On a sidenote, I'm hoping to have Bob Russell write up an updated list of the most promising Ivory-bill search locales for use on my blog since his previous 'Top 10' list is no longer available at the 'BirdingAmerica' website that Mary Scott has taken down. Maybe available later this month.

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