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Saturday, May 03, 2008


-- Arkansas Season --


Today on the state birding listserv, Alan Mueller of the Cornell team responded to an inquiry about this season's Arkansas' searches as follows:
"The IBWO searches this year were hampered by the high water, but they did go
on. We had to skip some areas we wanted to search because 1. it was not
possible to get to sites early in the morning or to stay late in the evening
because of increased travel time caused by high water, or 2. the high water
made trips too dangerous. We searched spots we could get to, not the best,
but the best that could be done under the circumstances."
Maybe by month's end we'll get some sort of preliminary summary of sightings and signs from this season that were considered significant.
Meanwhile a $420 million Arkansas irrigation project remains on hold while Ivory-bill matters continue to be sorted out.

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