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Thursday, May 15, 2008


-- Cornell Summary Upcoming --


At their website, Cornell is promising to "soon" post a summary of the past search season (...of course in the Ivory-bill arena the word "soon" often seems to be used in a way sharply different from common parlance ;-). I assume this will be a preliminary summary, primarily involving info from the Arkansas teams regarding that state and various stops in Tenn., MS., Fla. Any info from other searches in S.C., Texas, Choctawhatchee, LA., GA., IL., likely not included, but that's just a guess.

BTW, George Butler's independent film, "The Lord God Bird" is showing (appropriately enough) at the Little Rock, Ark. Film Festival which begins today for 4 days. (Simultaneously, it's also playing at the Tallahassee (Fla.) Film Festival).


Another SAAAAAD bird story here regarding white-faced ibis in Calif. DON'T read if you're prone to depression!!

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