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Monday, May 05, 2008


-- Final Search Team Post --



Final post from Cornell's Arkansas 2007-8 Search team now up here (I assume the final Mobile Team post will be forthcoming as well). Again, nothing of note IBWO-wise --- indeed one is almost left to wonder what was the purpose of these logs, given how little IBWO-related comments/conclusions were offered. Even simple negative information that would be worth knowing (i.e., 'Area B showed no signs of possible Ivory-bill activity and isn't deemed worth further exploration') was rarely rendered. Assuming the prior newspaper report of 20+ IBWO "encounters" earlier in season is accurate(?), were all of these from non-team members (independent searchers or members of public, and if so, of what level of credibility???), and what will be made of them. Will be interesting (or maybe not) to see what the take-home message from Cornell's Arkansas summary report will be this season. Reiterating my own guess from a prior post, I think 2 or 3 states may have some interesting things to report, but Arkansas is likely to not be among them.

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