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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


-- More Reuters --

"Here we look for A holes," he said. "An A hole in a swamp is a good thing, not a bad thing."

Uhhhh, that's a direct quote from another Reuters news story on the Arkansas IBWO search... you'll have to read the article for a clearer idea of what's being discussed (or make up your own joke) :


For the time being there are several news-folk 'embedded' as it were with the searchers so at least for awhile there may be some frequent reporting, with or without solid news to add. Just maybe we'll get lucky and a real Arkansas A hole will be found soon.

Addendum: Yet another Reuter's article (Wed.) notes at end that 375 possible IBWO cavities have been seen thus far.


What differentiates an A from a C hole? Where is that noted?
....don't know if it is noted anywhere on the Web; presumably differences in the dimensions and shape of holes (which tend to distinguish Pileated from possible IBWO work) is what is being categorized; additionally, they may be factoring in holes that appear to be recently worked on vs. those that are older and more weathered.
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