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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday, December 11, 2005


-- Ivory-bill VISA Card & eBay --

I don't want to get too commercial, and I'm no great fan of credit card companies, BUUUT... I couldn't resist temptation -- had to order a VISA card graced with a picture of a flying Ivory-bill available through Birdwatcher's Digest. (Can't say any cashier has even noticed it yet, but still love flashing that thing out of my wallet.)

And of possible interest to some folks, another check of eBay found the usual array of enticing Ivory-bill trinkets (artwork, books, t-shirts, etc.) up for sale here. Included is another copy of J. Tanner's original monograph currently bid at just $69 (with 3 days of bidding left), and also another copy of the original Brinkley (AR.) Argus newspaper announcing discovery of the IBWO.

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