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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Monday, December 12, 2005


-- huhhh...??? --

Another news article (Reuters) on the Arkansas search with nothing much new to add, but a few lines struck me as somewhat odd:
"Asked what would silence all doubters, Andrew [of USF&W] said a bird in the hand would be definitive, but good, clear video or an eggshell fragment or feather would help put questions to rest.... What happens if they find one [an Ivory-bill]? 'The first priority is protecting the bird, and treating it if it is injured', Andrew said." (all italics added)

Where did that come from? Has there been ANY suggestion that this bird which is so adept at evading pursuers might be injured? Probably just some sort of meaningless slip of phrase in the rush of an interview, but seemed like an odd remark to me, and certainly hope it doesn't imply that any folks are looking for an excuse to take 'Elvis' into captivity for closer study.

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