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Monday, December 05, 2005


-- Bob Russell's Top 10 Hunches --

Mary Scott has finally posted long-time Ivory-bill researcher and USF&W employee, Bob Russell's 'Top 10 Sites' to look for Ivory-bills:


Somewhat interesting that he ranks the Congaree National Park in S. Carolina above both the Atchafalaya region of Louisiana and the Apalachicola area in Florida. Not sure many would do that despite a lot of S.C. rumors through the years. And disappointed to see him 'definitely write off' Missouri and Tennessee, which, if only because of their proximity to northeast Arkansas and their great LACK of attention over the decades, I think deserve greater scrutiny. But nonetheless, a nice, compact, thoughtful list. Given that most folks tend to focus on areas of the most recent sightings/rumors, his mention of the Wacissa and Aucilla River Swamps in Fla., based on more distant history, is also interesting. And finally worth noting, the Cache River area falls into his also-ran category, not even breaking into the Top 10...

Read, enjoy, and contemplate....

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