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Monday, December 12, 2005


-- IBWOs at Smithsonian/Cornell Bulletin --

For your perusement: Here's a somewhat interesting read going back to last June which revolves around the apparently 18 Ivory-bill specimens housed at the Smithsonian in Wash. DC. My favorite lines are the very last paragraph:
"There's a lesson in all this. Despite our best efforts to eliminate its habitat, the ivory-bill nevertheless survived. As British zoologist Sir David Attenborough so fondly points out, life on Earth is tenacious. If it can find a way, it usually does, and if the ivory-billed woodpecker has been surviving for over 60 years without our help, maybe it should be left alone to do just that. Perhaps the "Lord God Bird's" love for deep-forest solitude is truly the key. It's payback time. Arkansas should be closed to humans, and all traffic rerouted."

Well of course THAT isn't going to happen, and here's a link to the last Cornell "Ivory-bill Bulletin" which gives a few more details of the search than many of the news-wire stories currently making the rounds :



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