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Saturday, November 07, 2009


-- Just Wonderin' --


It seems likely that the bird flying leftward through the gap is the most interesting of the clips Mike has thus far posted (more interesting clips may yet appear):

enlarged version: http://www.fishcrow.com/1stclip3nov09b.mp4

original (with RT Hawk in left foreground): http://www.fishcrow.com/1stclip3nov09a.mp4

and a zoomed, slowed-down version via "Dave in Michigan" over at BirdForum:


There is probably room for debate over the size of this bird, and of course leucism or plumage mutation can never be completely ruled out, but putting those things aside (and assuming the film authentic), I'd be curious to hear specifically from "skeptics" what alternative takes on the clip they might have? Anyone of course is free to comment below, but honestly I'm especially interested to hear interpretations/comments from doubters (if there are even any skeptics who still read this blog ;-))...

(Possibly an upcoming post from Mike will make the above clip moot, or my same question may then apply to the new clip.)
p.s. --- if you are unable to use the "comments" section, feel free to email your thoughts to me; just let me know if they are for my eyes only, or can be transferred to the comments section under an "anonymous" or other heading.

An individual (and former searcher) sends this comment via email:

"I'm not sure if there's anything to suggest it's not a Pileated. It looks as it's backlit, which could completely explain the light color in the wings. I'm not seeing any white when it folds it's wing.
I say "light" color because it doesn't really look white to me."
Mike's November 5th video is out, and it looks alot better than the November 3rd video.

White secondaries are obvious. In a couple frames when it is banking toward the beginning there might be white wing linings, but I can't resolve those in the part of the video where it is flying straight. A frame or two did show a large neck/head in front of the body. I'll be curious to see what the experts think.
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