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Monday, March 02, 2009


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"Birdchick" reports that she will be part of a panel discussion later this week with filmmaker Scott Crocker and David Sibley following a sneak preview screening of Crocker's documentary release, "Ghost Bird" at the San Diego Bird Festival (Mar. 5-8).

It is unfortunate to see such mindlessness (on various levels) while the fate of a critically endangered species lies in the balance.
I'm glad to see these film is finally seeing the light of day. I anxiously await preliminary reviews from those in attendance this weekend, and hope that it will soon see a wider distribution. How can a documentary that focuses attention on a critically endangered species be considered "mindlessness" at any level?
I mindlessly brushed my teeth yesterday, enjoyed a productive day at work, had a wonderful chat with my wife, visited with my mother, refused a plastic bag at a grocery store...and was still mindful of critically endangered species that lie in the balance. What am I to do differently? I guess I should not see a movie or watch TV tonight--even if the program educates me on critically endangered species. I'm so confused.
I think it's a documentary about some humans. I'd still like to see it though.
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