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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


-- Not Good Signs? --


The longer we go without a report of new size measurements for mystery bird #3, the murkier things potentially become... at least for now.

On a separate note, I am not currently able to bring up Steve Sheridan's own Ivory-bill website (which detailed his Ivory-bill sightings of the more distant past, unrelated to the current claims). It was working yesterday as I recall --- possibly he is doing major revisions to it in light of the current story, or, possibly the reason lies elsewhere. If anyone knows for sure please feel free to comment, but I'd like to avoid idle speculation.

Addendum: Now (5 am. 3/18), "mystery bird #3" has been deleted from the Erdy website. Again, maybe it is down while that section simply gets re-vamped; I won't speculate about the likely reason right now. More foreboding: I just noticed that Steve Sheridan's name has been removed from mention as part of Erdy's "team" on page one of his site (Sheridan was the photographer producing the bird #3 photo)..
Just to avoid rampant speculations I'm turning off comments here for a 12 -24 hr. 'cool down' period until further clarification comes.
BTW, Bill P. is in the field without computer access, but will return late Thur., and likely have his own thoughts on matters to share at that point.
Should anyone wish to send along clarifications, not conjecture, to me via email you may still do so.

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