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Sunday, March 15, 2009


-- Interlude --


Still a number of new people stopping by blog just now learning of this story, so felt it best to give them 24+ hrs. to catch up and digest as much material as they care to. Will likely have one NON-newsy entry much later today, but nothing new or substantial to post while still seeking additional information and awaiting size measurements of mystery bird #3.

To hold you over
in the meantime, some entertainment below from a wonderful webcam of nesting storks in Germany --- I linked to this last year though and some folks told me it was blocked on their work computers:


Arrrgh!!! I just tried to pull up Don Kimball's IBWO Forum and got a "domain name has expired" message.

I know that's an occupational hazard for such sites; please Don, bring it back before some proprietor of raunch appropriates it for more nefarious purposes...

Sorry to co-opt your blog, CT (and the last thing I want to do is embarass Don), but this is serious stuff . . .

Salt Lake City
Concolor get a grip, I am sure owners of a site, especially that annaly run one, know whats going on. Any accidental expiration gives a grace period for paying the bills.

Besides its not exactly the cutting edge of IBWO conservation or a search for advancement over there, with the stifling rules.
The site comes up fine for me now (it was down all morning and early afternoon EDT), even though it's not working for others. I'm sure it's being worked on and will be resolved, just keep clicking on it every so often (and be sure to refresh or open anew your browser); likely, no need for any more messages here.
Ah, Anonymous-the-wannabe-doctor-stuck-with-a-terminal-case-of-net-rat-itus is back... Afraid though, guy, you and that attitude of yours is akin to bringing a cap pistol to a real gun battle; I regularly used to eat adolescents like you--with narcissistic entitlement issues--and that fundamentally juvenile attitude "the rules don't apply to me"--for lunch. Those practiced put-downs are never particularly original even if you terrorized your parents with them. . .

And of course, the IBWO Forum is back up, which pleases me...

Shouldn't bother tossing good stuff that probably won't make it through those filtering beliefs, but some of us old cowboys have to try...

Your light would shine a lot brighter if you weren't always trying to put someone else's out there, kiddo...
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