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Monday, March 16, 2009


-- The Links Again --


Again, links (besides this blog) to keep near at hand:

http://www.ivorybillphotoproject.com/home .....(home for the Erdy site)

http://www.ivorybillphotoproject.com/mystery_bird_3_and_comparison_b .....(mystery bird #3) [ NO LONGER AVAILABLE ]

http://bbill.blogspot.com .....(Bill Pulliam's blog)

Folks may want to play with images of woodpeckers at:


(Just type in whatever species you want to view; there are 1000's of images. Many images on Flickr as well.)

There are also videos of woodpeckers, if you wish to view them in motion, on YouTube, birdcinema, and other sites, though as a start, still images are quicker to run through.

One question:

Whose research project was this? Steve Sheridan seems to get no mention whatsoever at ivorybillphotproject.com. I've learned of his involvement only at the blogs and forums elsewhere. What's the story here?
Erdy clearly states that Steve is one of his 3-person "team," and the photograph we are most discussing was taken by Steve (all other photos thus far being from remote automatic cameras). Steve has spent much time in the research area, but, yes, even over on Researchers Forum where he is an active member, he's been unusually quiet about this particular project (and so far hasn't mentioned it on his own webpage either).
Gary seems to be spearheading the Website and presentation of results. I have opted, for sheer ease-of-reference, to using phrases like 'Erdy's website' or 'Erdy's evidence' but don't mean to downplay Steve's participation in the effort; in fact it's conceivable that Steve's name will come into play more in ensuing days.
Is there some undiscolsed reason why we might expect "Steve's name to come into play more in ensuing days"?
"Is there some undiscolsed reason why we might expect "Steve's name to come into play more in ensuing days"?"

I had that same question.
At different times I inquired of both Gary and Steve about the lack of participation by Steve in release of this story, and was essentially told by both that Steve's involvement would likely increase over time. Beyond that I would simply watch Gary's website for updates.

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