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Sunday, November 19, 2006


-- Stretched Thin ? --

A post on the Arkansas listserv this weekend again sought volunteers to sign up by Dec. 1, for the Cornell Big Woods search this winter. If interested go here:


There are a limited number of birders around the country who have the time, backwoods skills and equipment, personal funds, and interest to take part in these searches, and with serious endeavors planned for Florida, S.C., Texas, and possibly other locales in addition to AR. one wonders if the qualified applicant pool isn't pretty well thinned out now for the amount of acreage deserving of interest.. This has always been the catch-22 of IBWO searching: there probably aren't enough qualified, willing searchers to thoroughly cover all potential habitat out there at once, and if you use available manpower to fully cover certain specific locales then other worthy areas likely go inadequately investigated.

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