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Saturday, November 25, 2006


-- Bird Blogs --

Just a 'filler' post today, not very IBWO-related: Sometimes people ask which general bird blogs I read regularly, so herewith a list of 8 U.S. blogs, rounded out with 2 general bird sites, I frequent --- this is not necessarily a list of "best" or "most informative" blogs, just some I often find newsy, interesting, quirky, or otherwise entertaining (for my personal taste) :

http://birdstuff.blogspot.com/ --- Possibly my favorite blog just to lean back and take a gander at. John (Trapp, who runs it) will probably be surprised to hear this since we have some itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie disagreements over matters, but the quirkiness and unpredictability of John's posts is often a breath of fresh air (although he also covers the more routine 'headline' news of the birdworld as well). He also includes an excellent set of links to other bird blogs (recently updated) in the right-hand margin.

--- Laura Erickson's popular and widely-followed blog --- very frequent and varied posts; a routine daily stopover for many of us.

http://birdchick.com/blog.html --- Another fairly familiar, well-read and somewhat quirky blog, and one that I think gets better and better over time... but be aware, you need a high tolerance for bunny rabbits to visit routinely!

...and (in no particular order) five more fairly 'standard,' basic bird blogs that I think are consistent from week-to-week :






and finally, 2 general birding sites I usually find worth stopping in on:



A majority of you are likely already familiar with the above sites, but if not, drop by them during your internet hopscotching, and give a look-see... or, there are a jillion other birding blogs/sites out there to suit everyone's particular tastes/interests.

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