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Saturday, November 11, 2006


-- The Question of Cameras --

One of the points made in Auburn's update of their winter search plans is their decision to employ digital SLR cameras rather than videocams while searching --- based on the premise of higher quality/resolution for any pictures attained, at a reasonable cost. People may have varying opinions about this depending on their personal photography experience, and notions about photographic evidence as well as any trade-offs involved. I'm sure the Auburn group already has access to excellent opinions on the subject, but if any readers have thoughts they want to contribute on the matter (or want to recommend brands or pertinent features/specifications) send them along as a comment for posting (...the Auburn group reads the blog) --- do keep in mind that the team has budgetary constraints, so there's no point in recommending the most high quality, failsafe, precision-operated equipment you can imagine...

I'm curious myself if any of the growing number of binocular -digital camera-all-in-one combinations that are now on the market are yet of sufficient quality to be of much use on IBWO searches (have not heard of them being used)?

They are right to use higher end Canon Equipment. That will give them distance shots that they cannot get with a camcorder. Further, a 70-300 mm lens will not bog them down, and can easily be used to take shots of birds that can barely be seen, but with the camera can be easily magnified without distortion. I do it all the time.

Pogue, of the NY Times, did a test of a number of combination binoculars/digital cameras about a year ago. As I recall, all were found wanting; the image quality was quite dismal.
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