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-- Dr. Jerome Jackson, 2002 (... & Agent Fox Mulder)

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-- Hamlet

"All truth passes through 3 stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Thursday, November 16, 2006


-- Just Another List --

--- Nine Things NOT likely to happen in 2007... and One That Might :

1. Sacha Baron Cohen releases his latest film entitled "Borat Wanders the American Southern Swampland In Search of that Very Most Elusive Ivory-beaked Woodpecker, For the Benefit of Mankind."

2. David Sibley claims to see an Ivory-bill in Arkansas but nobody believes him, when the bird in his only photograph appears to be an Imperial.

3. By a sheer random drawing, Geoff Hill and John Fitzpatrick are picked to compete against one another on "Wheel of Fortune."

4. The great great grandson of Mason Spencer walks into Van Remsen's LSU office one Friday afternoon and plunks down a freshly-shot Ivory-bill, inquiring, "So is this the dang thing you fellas been lookin' fer???"

5. Bobby Harrison's Ivory-billed Woodpecker Foundation receives $2.5 million from George Soros (...and boy, is the Big Woods Conservation Partnership pissed).

6. Following the double impeachment of Bush/Cheney, President Pelosi and Vice-President Kerry are sworn into office.

Peace on Earth

Bigfoot is captured in the Minnesota woods and discovered lo-and-behold to be a well-known internet skeptic.

9. Jennifer Aniston marries Cyberthrush.

10. A photograph taken in Florida shows a large black-and-white woodpecker that everyone agrees is NOT a Pileated.


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