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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


- Something New From M.Hendrickson -

Mike Hendrickson has an 'update' of sorts at his "Mike's Soap Box Birding Blog" (go to the Jan. 10 entry) to the reports I posted a few days back from 'David Chaffin' of Tenn. of possible acoustic IBWO evidence in AR. -- depending on your perspective this is all very intriguing or further bizarre. Time will tell... (And I hope Mike, or Bob O'Dear, aren't disclosing more than they should have???)

Addendum (also Jan.10): and now another slightly intriguing post, this time from Mike McDowell on his blog, regarding a subtle change in a Laura Erickson post... maybe means nothing... maybe something. . .

So we talked about more about the restrictive area. I was informed that the area is heavily guarded!! I was also told they do not give out warnings to those who do not belong in the area but they take them into custody. So when I was told this I said to Bob. " Bob if these law enforcement or security people are not giving warnings to those who stumble into the area by accident and are instead hauling them into custody thats weird and scarry.

Surely this kind of nonsense about arresting everyone who enters a 60 mile by 10 mile area is so profoundly ridiculous no further comment is required. I wouldn't hitch my star to that other blog.
Or would that be "my wagon to the star of that blog?" You know what I mean. ; )
"Area 51" a.k.a. the Managed Access Areas don't seem quite that restrictive.
But I heard when people apply for permits they are arrested and never seen again! ; )
Fed to the gators, no doubt.

Hope they were yankees.
This post on Laura Erickson's blog explains the correction to her post--the IBWO sightings she heard about where from the 2004-05 season, not this one (2005-06).
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