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Monday, January 02, 2006


-- For the Children --

Terri Luneau (David's wife) has of course had a children's book on the Ivory-bill out for some time now, and recently IBWO-sighter Bobby Harrison also released a children's IBWO story. Now, more good news for the young set -- I hear that Lynne Cherry, conservationist and award-winning writer/illustrator of over 30 childrens' books (most famous probably for The Great Kapok Tree), is currently working on an Ivory-bill book for kids. No idea how soon it might be out, but it will no doubt get widespread attention and distribution.

I think the idea of childrens books regarding the Ivorybill is an excellent idea. I have purchased Luneau's childrens book for my daughter and look forward to reading it to her when she is old enough. What better way to impart a love for the outdoors, birding and Ivorybills.
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