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Saturday, January 21, 2006


-- An Invitation... --

Last week was designated by some blogs as "De-lurking" week in which blog readers were invited to "reveal" themselves in the comment section of blogs they read so blogmeisters had a better feel for their readership -- I don't usually partake in these various blog rituals, but this one seems not only to allow bloggers to know their readers better, but also allows readers, who share a common interest, to get to know each other better -- seems like a nice idea! This blog has a number of loyal, 'obsessed' readers from quite a ways back, as well as several newer readers, and also skeptics check in regularly, so I hereby open up the comments below for posts from any-and-all who simply care to introduce themselves and tell what brings you here, and if practical, maybe even network with others, who share your enthusiasm for the topic.
(Things you might want to mention are: a name, age, area you live in, how long you've been interested in Ivory-bills, have you ever searched for them or SEEN one, your background, degrees, or profession (especially if pertinent to your Ivory-bill concerns), other interests, hobbies, or whatever strikes your fancy that may be of interest to others; please, no phone nos. or street addresses, but you may post your email if you wish... and don't mind running the risk of increased spam!). I'll keep this post near the top of the blog for the next few days, and we'll just see what if any response there is???

Hello, in regard to your invitation, here is my reply.

My name is Steve Sheridan, I am 42 years old. I check and read your site frequently. I currently live in the Northern Ky area.

I have had some interest in Ivory-bills since 1970 and extreme interest (an obsession) in Ivory-bills since 1978. I searched extensively for a male Ivory-bill I had a single sighting of in 1978. I saw that bird only once, never again. I saw my first Ivory-bill in 1970 at the age of 6 years old.
I and my family remember that bird very well. That sighting caused me to have a life long interest in bird watching, despite not knowing the
significance of the sighting at the time. I have had the two excellent
solid sightings of two male Ivory-bills only.

My background is that I have always had an interest in wildlife, bird
watching, hunting and fishing. I have done extensive studies on the
genetics and biology of Oryctolagus sp. rabbits (true wild, feral and
domestic forms) and Eastern Cottontail rabbits Sylvilagus floridanus. I am employed in publishing.
You have had a link on your site to my Ivorybill website in regards to the question of how far north Ivorybills may have been found.
my web link and the full details of my sightings can be found at;


very sincerely, Steve Sheridan

Ps There will be a new addition regarding another Indiana sighting appearing on my website shortly.
Thanks Steve for breaking the ice...
Where are the rest of you shy folks...?

Paul Sutera, age 47, upstate (meaning not NYC) NY. Currently staring right at the Shawangunk Mountains from my home. Spent my childhood alone, sitting in a tree
in the woods. I'm not such a loner these days!
Have a BA in liberal arts, took about 2 years of biology. Spend a lot of time looking at Spring and Fall neotropical migrants here in the Hudson Valley. Currently a software engineer but not very left-brained.
I spend a lot of time in the woods, and outdoors in general.
No particular qualifications to argue with a Cornell Ornithologist,
though few ('cept Steve!) have field knowledge of the bird.
John Burroughs cabin is near my house. pvsutera@yahoo.com
is my e-Mail. /Paul Sutera
My name is William Smith. I am in my 40's, I am a naturalist in Florida and I have been interested in the Ivory Billed Woodpecker for some time. I love reptiles, fish, and birds as well. I have been visiting this blog for awhile,,even though I hate the "chic" word "blog", but who am I to interfere with society's evolution? I believe the bird is alive and well, I have been researching it's presence in Florida and have been fortunate to have seen the birds and I hope that eventually it will fall from the "mysterious" shelf and be regarded as a real bird and therefore can be studied by reasonable people without a need to glorify themselves. I hope that makes sense. Best regards on your "blog", I will continue to visit, I really do enjoy it. William.
...and I am Steve FROM Sheridan.

(Sorry.. Couldn't resist... My name IS Steve and I AM originally from Sheridan, AR) - 36 year old guy.

I read everything I can find online about this bird. I have never been a hardcore birder... more of a hardcore general nature-lover who likes birds.. but I have long had a fascination with extinct animals... and for the past 8 or 9 years have had a website devoted to them at http://www.aristotle.net/~swarmack

I have had a page up for years on the IBW and was blown away when they announced having "re-discovered" them about an hour from my front door.

I now, of course, have a full shelf with every book I can find on them and have been over to Cache and WR two or three times...

your page is one of my regular haunts... looking for any drip of info on how things are going this year.

...and yes I know I haven't updated my IBW page yet.(I am afflicted with a crippling form of procrastinatory laziness and haven't updated the page in years.)

Luckily, other people aren't the same way. heh heh.

Keep Up the good work,
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