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Thursday, January 19, 2006


-- Blog Impact !?!?!? --

Geee, maybe blogs actually have impact (or incredible coincidence of timing?) -- within 24 hours of my mini-rant about the lack of communication from official agencies on the winter search, the Cornell Lab, Nature Conservancy, and even US F&W (after a mere 4-month lapse!), all put out updates! Nothing new in the way of sightings or significant findings reported, but at least it hints at some greater sincerity to keep interested parties informed. Here are a few of the questions I'd like to see addressed in future updates:

1) to what degree, if at all, have searchers moved out from the area of primary focus (of the '04-05 sightings), and are they moving in a certain direction or outward in concentric circles?
2) does Cornell/Nature Conservancy have team members active in any other states, besides AR., at this point, or at the very least are they in close contact with individuals who are on their own in other locales? With the breeding season approaching the need for active teams in many more places besides Arkansas seems paramount.
3) of the 100's of "suspicious" cavities surveyed in the Big Woods how many are currently under regular watch or remote camera observation?
4) are searchers' reports of any leucistic Pileateds being compiled for inclusion/discussion in any future updates?
5) in the event that definitive evidence of IBWO-presence is established are plans in place for how that information will be disseminated (or dependent upon exact circumstances): immediately, or at the end of the search season? through the press, or through a scientific agency/publication? Over the Internet?

And if you, dear readers, have questions you'd like to see addressed in future agency updates, feel free to offer them in the comment section below... ya never know just who might be reading them. . . . .

Are they climbing up and looking into the suspicious cavities to examine size, shape, gouge size, and to look for feathers, egg shells ect?
I have been asked to search for the IBWO in Carolina by Bob Russell who is a friend of mind. He searched with Mary Scott in Arkansas. He is interested in either S or N Carolina and I forgot where he was planning to search this March. So I think some people who are connected in some way or the other are going to search other states.

Mike "I am not afraid to leave my name" Hendrickson

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