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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


-- IBWikipedia --


Over the years I've evolved from a skeptic of Wikipedia to a user/believer in it. I use it almost every day now for basic information, yet still remain wary of it for more technical or detailed information... or for controversial topics (nor do I ever contribute to it). So, oddly, I hadn't looked at the Ivory-billed Woodpecker entry in a long, long time, but had occasion to today and was pleasantly surprised at how good an overview of the IBWO situation it gives (still missing lots of details and technical stuff, but a good general overview, compared to what it was some years back).
If you've not followed it, worth a gander here:


There is also a discussion page for the above main-article page, which includes at least a few added bits of interesting material, including a July 2005 sighting in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, mentioned toward the end:


Hey, with luck, perhaps there will be future significant edits yet to come.
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