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Sunday, December 12, 2010


-- Computer Graphic Animations --


Here's some short animations of Ivory-bills in flight, from a former Cornell computer graphics student, first showing a skeletonized IBWO, and then two brief swamp scenes (ALL animations):
(I'm not vouching for how accurate or realistic these are, but perhaps someone will find them useful?)

Fola Akinola: Show Reel 2008 from Fola Akinola on Vimeo.

Best to go to Vimeo to view in larger format, or simply click on full-screen button above (arrows button).

ADDENDUM: I assume this work by Akinola must somehow be related to the work I've previously reported on by Jeff Wang at Cornell, which was ultimately inconclusive, but which researchers had hoped might show an IBWO to be a better match than a PIWO for the Luneau video bird. This longish, but interesting article summarizes much of that work of Wang et.al.:


....and on a sidenote, apologies to readers who are awaiting more interviews... they're not trickling in as fast as I'd surmised. I'll be sending out some reminder-notes in a few days to folks who said they'd likely take part, or, if you read this you can take this as a reminder! :-)
...great swamp scenes with animated ibwo flights!

...some have described ibwo flights as similar to pintails. does this animated version fit that description in some manner?
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