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Friday, December 24, 2010


-- The Crossley ID Guide --


Too late for Christmas, but... Richard Crossley's much-anticipated new field guide (to eastern North American birds) is due out in February (...maybe in time for my birthday! ;-))

I"ve been interested in the volume since reading about it at "10000 Birds" blog over a year ago:


More here (although this site is partly under re-construction):


Nice 8-minute video of Crossley talking about the guide on this page:


And a Facebook page also devoted to the guide:


Finally, the Amazon link here:


Many of us hardly need yet another field guide added to our shelves, and I don't know if the book can possibly live up to all the hype it's received on the internet and elsewhere, but it's the first new field guide I've anxiously anticipated in a long, long time. 2011 is looking up already!

[Ohh, and will the Ivory-bill be in it?... I'm doubtful, but have no idea!]
I hope so. I do not like it when field guides leave out the ghost birds. I can understand if their status is extinct, but since it is not so, I do believe that those birds should be added. Any one birder can find the bird and not know it because their field guide does not have it. Bachman's Warbler may look like and odd Hooded Warbler, an IBWO may look like and odd Pileated. If the guide has photos then add a historic photo, it wouldn't hurt.

Merry Christmas
Whoa! This guide looks awesome. I am definitely getting it one day. Upon looking at the photos of the pages from the Barnes and Noble link you had, I would say that the IBWO, BAWA, and ESCU are left out simply because there is no new photo that can be used. I sure hope they are added but no guide with photos instead of paintings have added the ghost birds.
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