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Thursday, August 19, 2010


-- Tweeting Across the Pond --


I've mentioned before here the desire to see some major independent wildlife expedition/film group (ala David Attenborough) do a search for the Ivory-bill in place of 'academia-types' and see what happens...

Lo-and-behold (at this late stage) I see on Twitter some chap (Brit) named "Thomas Thynne" is promoting the same notion, and has tweeted to Bill Oddie, Chris Packham (of the BBC), Sir David himself, and the editors of "Birding Magazine," urging such an excursion. He admits they probably think he's "an idiot," but can't hurt to ask; and gotta believe (even without a finding) it would make for a great nature TV special (Attenborough's British accent alone would make for more spellbinding viewing than Fitzpatrick's east coast intonations ;-))

Not sure whatever has happened (if anything) with BirdLife International's earlier plans to incorporate an IBWO hunt as part of their search for several worldwide endangered species, but if any of you blokes across the pond know more details about any of this let us know.
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