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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


-- More History --


Nice article (in Sept. issue of Smithsonian Magazine) from naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales, who's book "Ghost Birds" is due out soon:

Thank you - what fantastic, moving photos.
-Julie in PA
yes, I probably should've pointed out that by clicking on the "Photo Gallery" you can bring up some of the touching, new photos the article alludes to.
Thanks. I was wondering if I was going to be able to see the photographs mentioned.

Somewhere buried on Cornell's site are quite a few old photos from the Singer Tract that weren't widely distributed and aren't generally available in the common literature. I couldn't find the direct link in a quick look, but if someone else has it handy and wants to post it here (or send it to me) feel free (it's NOT the "historic images" page which contains frequently-used images).
I think you're referring to LSU. Here's the link:

thanks Mark; actually I finally found the pics I was thinking of over on Cornell's site but they're mixed in with other non-pertinent pics, so it's hard to maneuver around; also found them over at a USFW page as well, but the page you site is similar enough.
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