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Friday, August 13, 2010


-- New Idea? --


A reader, "John D. Williams," sends in some ideas in the comments section to prior (8/5) post from his analysis of the IBWO history/situation. One idea that he mentions in the context of trying to acoustically 'attract' Ivory-bills is intriguing to me:
"Another avenue for this acoustic attraction is the observation that woodpeckers seem to be able to detect their beetle larvae prey remotely on the tree -- presumably by hearing them. Modern science could quantify these vibrations. Perhaps amplified, they would prove irresistable to an IB miles away."
I suspect that amplifying such sounds might distort them enough to make them less attractive to IBWOs, but the possibility of recording and playing them at closer to normal levels in areas where IBWO are claimed or indicated I do find quite interesting... any further thoughts? (read Mr. Williams' 2 back-to-back comments below).
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