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Thursday, March 11, 2010


-- State of the Birds --


With but a couple months left in this year's main search season for the Ivory-bill, I'm really more interested at the moment in a 'State of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker" report (or, even a 'State of the Southern Bottomland Forests' report), but since most other bird blogs will likely link to the just released "State of the Birds 2010" report (focusing on climate change and bird decline), I shall too:


(the above is the news release, with links to sections of the fuller report to the left).

From the news release:

“Birds are excellent indicators of the health of our environment, and right now they are telling us an important story about climate change,” said [Cornell's] Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg.

...and :

“The dangers to these birds reflect risks to everything we value: our health, our finances, our quality of life and the stability of our natural world,” said Audubon’s Glenn Olson.
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