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-- Dr. Jerome Jackson, 2002 (... & Agent Fox Mulder)

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Monday, March 22, 2010


-- Not Much --


Only one individual has sent in a report on Jerry Jackson's Friday talk (since it was an afternoon talk on a college campus, I suspect a lot of interested folks may not have had much opportunity to attend). The single emailer summarizes briefly as follows:
"...He gave a very entertaining summary of the history of the search for Ivorybills. Nothing really new or ground-breaking.
"He ended by saying he still has hope that there are Ivorybills out there, but that his hope is diminishing. He said that hope is not truth. Hope is only the incentive to seek truth. (I did not get his quote exactly right)
"When asked, he mentioned these three areas as ones that could bear additional searches: the Florida panhandle, Chipola and Apalachicola rivers; Louisiana; and the Texas Big Thicket."
With the possible exception of the FL. Panhandle, these are some of the same ol' same ol' areas of interest for the past 6 decades. I s'pose I was hoping maybe he would cite at least one of the more newly-discussed areas (from last 5 years), but apparently not.

Anyway, thanks for the report (curious too, if anyone asked him about the Rainsong episode and if so what he said, if you care to get back to me on that...).

BTW, if you haven't already noticed, I've added a direct link to the latest Louisiana claims website at top of "Ivory-bill Links" in left-hand column, in the event you wish to check back there for any updates.

ADDENDUM: the emailer sends along this additional info:
"The audience was mostly retirees that attend all of this lecture series, with a few students and professors thrown in. Maybe 50 people. There was practically no Ivorybill knowledge in the audience. Dr. Jackson ran long so most of the questions were out in the reception area. They ranged from, "Why do birds sit in a row on power lines?" to "Why does the cardinal at my feeder fly into my white wall after he takes a seed?", to "What do you mean by 'corridor'", to a more detailed discussion of bird photography.
"I did also ask about the latest Texas and Louisiana reports. Dr. Jackson talked about the info he found on the Internet about Rainsong's criminal history, hardly a person to be trusted. About Louisiana, he indicated that better data was needed to draw any conclusions."
Thanks for linking to the Project Coyote site. We will be adding an updates page within the next week or so and expect to post some additional data that we've collected since the search began last August. To the extent possible, we'll also post information about new developments, but any hard data will have to pass through the review process before we make it public
Hard data? What hard data?
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