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Saturday, March 13, 2010


-- New Louisiana Claims --


This story has gone 'live' on the Web a little earlier than I expected --- thought it would be posted Sun. (tomorrow) afternoon:

The 'boy-who-cried-wolf' syndrome may have saturated many IBWO birding quarters by now, but
nonetheless, new Ivory-bill claims are out from central Louisiana, from yet another independent team that's been active for awhile; their newly-released website here:


When I first reported the Daniel Rainsong claim back on January 19th, I immediately interjected my hunch that it was likely a hoax (a belief only hardened over time), so let me quickly say that this current claim is NOT in that category; am perfectly satisfied with the sincerity of the claims being made here. I don't however find the specific evidence thus far presented particularly compelling; (am sure others will voice various concerns about it, so I won't go into my own issues here). Having said that, I am very interested that multiple individuals once again claim encounters/sightings, and in an area of Louisiana which I've long thought lacked adequate coverage; moreover, it is on private, not public land, and thus likely a parcel that has not received widespread attention previously.

For the moment I wouldn't expect this to change much of the overall Ivory-bill discussion; it is however another new lead, and with luck further evidence may follow.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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