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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


-- Limbo --


I mostly receive information that is 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-hand in nature, and it's possible for elements of that material to change (and be less accurate) as it gets passed along the way (the old 'telephone' game). Am therefore feeling constrained from reporting specifics that I can't independently verify right now with multiple sources, even when I know the people emailing are honestly trying to pass along accurate, but fragmented, information (and even when they give permission to report it). Not sure how much I'll say beyond vague generalities for time being.

Would again be best if those University and/or Government ornithologists now most directly familiar with the story/evidence made some simple initial public statement regarding level of plausibility they find in Mr. Rainsong's evidence, and the likelihood of further follow-up (they can always revise it later, as needed). I suspect technical analysis and validation of the photos could take some time, and it may be their intention, unfortunately, to say nothing until that is complete.
By the way, I think it HHHIGHLY important that Rainsong's traveling partner NOW be interviewed at LENGTH (assuming Rainsong will release her contact info) if this has not already been done.

It seems clear at this point though, the only way this story will have a truly favorable resolution is if Mr. Rainsong can indeed lead ornithologists to a living Ivory-billed Woodpecker (the photos are far from conclusive), at which point a handsome monetary reward indeed awaits him. Short of that, or a finding of fraud, we will be left with yet another dead-end in this long excruciating drawn-out Ivory-bill saga... and, a whole lot of questions.

....Lastly, genuine THANKS to all of you who are trying to send good information my way --- if it isn't incorporated on the blog don't assume it means I don't believe you! --- there are many reasons I don't post material --- Sometimes, Person A says 'here's some info for your blog, just don't attach my name to it,' but Person B comes along with the very same info saying this is 'confidential so please don't post on blog' --- in which case the info won't appear, and, there are other complications. But thanks for all your efforts. I'm fairly confident we'll get to the bottom of this in short order, though I still doubt it will be a happy landing, but time will tell.
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