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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Friday, January 22, 2010


-- Friday P.M. --


Over at "10,000 Birds" blog Corey's link to the Rainsong story is titled "I Feel Unclean Even Linking to It..."
Amen to that....

Am genuinely sorry that I probably won't re-open comments before Monday (if then), while awaiting for the air to come out of this farce that is catapulting around the Internet.

Let me clarify one thing (so no one thinks I was trying to shut out "Joe Hepperle's" defense of matters by closing down comments this A.M.):

1) I actually left for work about 20 mins. late this morning just so I could stick around and let Joe have his say with his morning comments that were coming into the blog right at the time I was about to depart for day and switch further comments off.

2) I should've made clearer that a major factor in turning comments off was a concern that specific derogatory material about "Dan/Joe" could find its way into the comments... I don't want to deal in that specific material here, beyond reiterating broadly that what I've seen lends NO CREDIBILITY to the storyline being pushed (I'm sorry if it seems unfair to talk in generalities and not give specific details, but many people probably have some dirty laundry in their past; the internet isn't the best place to have it raked over).

When this has run its course (and I can't believe it's going to last very long) MAYBE I'll have some sort of summation. Meantime, have a good weekend all, and get some sleep... I know I hope to, for a change.
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