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Friday, April 25, 2008


-- YouTube Piece --


Just an old YouTube offering to tide things over during the current IBWO news lull:

Meanwhile, independent searcher Richard Lyttle is asking for additional help from any volunteers for his efforts along the Santee area in S. Carolina. His website here: http://www.ibwsearches.com/
The official IBWO search in the Congaree is probably winding down about now for this season; don't know if any veterans of that effort care to assist Richard.

You mean the guy who mistook several blue jays for a flock of Ivory-bills? Luckily he had video "evidence."
I know personally know Rip and have searched with him. Sure it was a bit of a "greenhorn" mistake regarding he bluejays, but you will not find many who are as dedicated and as forthright as Rip. He truly cares about the IBWO and its habitat and now his experience in SC is probably second to none. Unfortunately, I am coming realize there may be fewer birds in Sc that first believed. I have heard estimates of 20 pairs - but I am thinking more in the order in 5 - 10, which means Rips chances of success are limited.

But I don't think you would go wrong in joining Rip - I am hoping to join him again this Fall.
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