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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Saturday, April 12, 2008


-- Misc. --


David Luneau has re-done his Ivory-bill website here. Looks nice; same info available as before, but may have to hunt around a little bit for it if you'd gotten used to his old webpage.

See if we can nudge 'em... ;-)) --- been over a month since Cornell's Mobile Team did their last update, at that point from S. Florida....

The First Santee Birding and Nature Festival (S.Carolina) takes place next weekend (Apr. 18-20):



If you haven't checked in with the 3 California owl babies lately they're growing fast (and moving around a lot, so they're not always in camera view), and ugly as sin... NO, NO, just kidding! :


I'll replay an old riddle used here once before:

Three spiders named Mr. Ten, Mr. Nine, and Mr. Eight are crawling along an Amazonian jungle floor. One spider has 10 legs; one has 9 legs; and one has 8 legs. All of them are usually quite happy and enjoy the diversity of animals with whom they share the jungle. Today, however, the hot weather is giving them bad tempers.
“I think it is interesting,” says Mr. Ten, “that none of us have the same number of legs that our names would suggest.”
“Who the heck cares?” replies the spider with 9 legs.
How many legs does Mr. Nine have? (There is only one correct answer, and it is easily determinable from the information given, but interestingly several folks have difficulty with it).

Good riddle! You know you've got some superfluous-legged spiders there (at least Mr. 9 and Mr. 10). Had to make a spreadsheet, but it wasn't that hard to crack. (Next time I tell it, I think I'll make them Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Blonde--homage to Reservoir Dogs.)
Neat! Thanks for the brain exercise, Cyberthrush. I believe Mr. Nine is a decapod. If so, he is likely a camel spider, as that apparently is the only decapod spider.

Go Ivory Bills! :)
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